Leaders in Mass Torts makes it easy and affordable for law firms like yours to find and procure mass tort cases that land squarely in your firm’s field of interest.


Our mission is simple. Even when you have a good lead on a mass tort case, it can take tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in television and online advertising to reach and educate potential clients and induce them to contact you. After that, evaluating those potential clients and signing them up requires even more labor, financial commitment, and complex logistical capabilities. Building successful mass torts can give you a headache before you ever set foot in a courtroom.

We want to change that. Our goal is to help smaller firms break into mass torts and larger firms avoid the hassles that accompany them. We have mass tort cases available to purchase—no advertising needed; no logistic scaling is required. These mass torts are ready to go upon delivery.

We offer our clients two options. As a sole counsel, you can either buy the case outright and keep everything you win in attorneys’ fees. The second option, you can pay less upfront and become a co-counsel, in which case we receive final payment as a percentage of the recovery. The best option depends on your firm’s needs and capacity. No matter what, you will skip the time and expense of having to hunt and sign for clients across the country. We have already done that for you. And no matter which option you chose, we are happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to providing mass torts, we can also help you convert dead leads into live clients, provide call center assistance if your office is overwhelmed or you need help with intake, and can assist you throughout your entire client procurement process, from qualification through signing.

As you know, the business of mass torts is a numbers game. To be successful, you cannot afford to miss any viable clients. This is where we come in: if you are looking to purchase a case, we deliver clients to you. If you have dead leads but no one to follow up on them, we will take care of that. If you have taken on a new case and your office cannot handle the surge in calls or process the influx of clients, we have you covered there, too.

At Leaders in Mass Torts, we turn the mass-torts process into a turnkey operation. We remove the guesswork from mass torts so that your firm can concentrate on prosecuting the case and pursuing justice for your clients.

We find the cases. We do the advertising. We line up the clients. You go to court.

If you would like to know more, please call us at 855-MASS-TORT or complete our online contact form today.