In all of its services, seeks to streamline the process of acquiring mass tort cases, saving your firm the headaches and hassles—not to mention the advertising expense and logistical scaling—of procuring and retaining clients and chasing down leads. We do the front-end legwork for you; all you need to do is win a verdict or secure a settlement.

Retainer Procurement

Our retainer procurement service packages mass tort cases and delivers them to you. We locate clients and sign them up. All you need to do is purchase the case and take it to court. As you know these cases can produce large settlements, but the advertising campaigns and the logistical capabilities involved can sometimes be expensive and intimidating. You no longer need to worry about that. Think of our retainer procurement program as an off-the-shelf mass tort case—no assembly required.

Co-Counsel vs. Sole Counsel

Once you have a case, we offer two ways to split the workload, depending on what works best for your firm. Some firms might not have the capacity to handle as much work as others; some firms with the capacity might not want to handle every aspect themselves. No matter which you prefer, we can work with you.

LMT offers two purchasing options: sole counsel and co-counsel. The first is the most straightforward. Your firm pays us upfront to take complete control of the case. This is often the choice of firms with the financial resources and infrastructure to handle a mass tort on their own.

With the co-counsel option, you pay less upfront, but we receive a portion of the ultimate settlement or judgment. As co-counsel, we will serve as your point of contact with your clients, handling initial intake and evaluating qualifying criteria, and taking on other services you may not be equipped or wish to handle.

Unconverted Leads

Our unconverted leads service aims to turn your dead leads into live mass tort clients. It is simple: You give us your dead leads from the past six months to a year. We will use your intake system—meaning your script and retainers—to evaluate their qualifications. We call qualified leads, sign them, and send you the retainers.

Call Center

If you are starting a new campaign or need help handling call volume for one already in progress, LMT will act as your intermediary, connecting your firm with trusted call centers that will seamlessly process an influx of calls and ensure potential clients are never on hold for long.