If your firm is building a new mass tort campaign, or if you require additional staff to handle the influx of calls you are already receiving, Leaders in Mass Torts’  (LMT) call center service is here to help. We can help get the service up and running for you, acting as an intermediary between your firm and trusted call centers to help you ensure that you have the capacity to handle as many calls as you receive. Call us today at 855-MASS-TORT for more information.

If Your Firm Needs a Call Center

Because building a successful mass tort can mean taking on a substantial number of clients, your firm may be receiving a high volume of calls. Perhaps you do not have the institutional capacity to answer all of those new calls in a timely manner, or you would rather devote resources in other ways than to scale up your logistical capabilities. Clearly, you do not want to leave potential clients on hold for one second longer than they need to be.

How Leaders in Mass Torts Can Help You With Your Call Center Needs

LMT’s call center program can help save you the time and expense of scaling up and managing your phone service. We can assist with line-up quality, reliable call centers on your behalf, provide them with your scripts and key talking points, and work diligently to help ensure that the service is fully operational by the time your mass tort campaign launches.

As with all of our services, LMT’s goal is to simplify the laborious process of mass torts. We use our resources and institutional capabilities to do the preliminary legwork so that once you partner with us, you can focus on litigation. Our call center program is an extension of that philosophy. You will not have to worry about hiring temporary or permanent staff or wasting time hunting for trustworthy call centers yourself.  We can leverage relationships we already have to get your campaign up and running quickly and efficiently.

Let Us Connect You With a Trusted Call Center

Mass torts are sometimes high-risk, high-reward cases. You do not have to lose clients to lengthy hold times and unresponsive phone systems. With our call center program, our priority is to help ensure that does not happen to you. We will connect your firm with professional call centers that will make your potential clients feel comfortable entrusting their cases to you. In addition, you need not worry about managing the system or dealing with call center managers, as we can take care of all of that.

Focus on building your mass tort case. Let us take care of the rest. To speak with a member of our team, call us at 855-MASS-TORT today.