The business of mass torts can be a numbers game. The more qualified clients you have, the larger a potential global settlement might be, which, in turn, means the more likely your firm recoups its investment in the case and retains a profit from the attorneys’ fees. With that, it becomes necessary to track down every unconverted lead you have. However, that can also be expensive and time-consuming, and your firm might not have the capacity to pursue every dead lead. Speak with a member of our team at 855-MASS-TORT to learn more about how we can help you reconnect with unconverted leads.

Tracking Down Your Dead Leads

At Leaders in Mass Torts (LMT), our unconverted leads program may help you turn dead leads into live clients, and not just live clients but qualified live clients. After all, the issue with mass tort cases is that each individual client has to have a provable injury caused by the defendant; unlike class actions, they cannot be members of the group. Thus, you need to know that not only are your unconverted leads being contacted but that they are also adequately vetted.

LMT’s unconverted leads program can handle all of that for you. All you need to do is provide us with your unconverted leads from the past six months to one year. Using your script and intake system, LMT calls your leads, evaluates them, qualifies them, signs the qualified leads, and then sends your firm the retainer. It is as easy as that.

We Serve a Wide Range of Clients

No matter what kind of case you are pursuing, whether it is defective products or medical devices, pharmaceutical side effects, electronic cigarettes, widespread disasters, or something new and emerging, we can save you the time and expense of following up with leads and trying to qualify and sign them.

This service can work for firms of any size. While you must convert leads to make a mass tort as successful as it can be, doing so can require a substantial investment in time and money—not to mention logistical scaling—that might not be beneficial over the long run. Even if your firm is capable of handling all of that, you may other ventures that require your resources. In either case, we are happy to help.

Growing Your Clientele

At LMT, all of our products are designed to streamline the mass torts process. This one is no different. We want you to concentrate on litigation and moving your cases forward. Leave the rest to us. From our call center, our lead-conversion campaign can effectively home in on your dead leads, contact them, and screen them for eligibility using your parameters, and with your firm receiving the full retainer. We do the work for you. Call us today at 855-MASS-TORT to get started.