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Leaders in Mass Torts offers mass tort case acquisition and co counseling services. Your firm can EARN 60% or more of the net legal fee by co-counseling with us.



3M Agrees to $6 Billion Military Earplug Settlement

3M Agrees to $6 Billion Military Earplug Settlement

3M has agreed to pay $6.01 billion to individuals who claim the company’s Combat Arms earplugs caused them to develop hearing loss and tinnitus. In a bankruptcy saga that rivals Johnson & Johnson’s, 3M fought tooth and nail to resolve 3M earplug lawsuits in...

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FDA Designates Latest Medtronic Recall as Class I

FDA Designates Latest Medtronic Recall as Class I

Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device manufacturer, is currently grappling with yet another recall. In the last few years, the company has issued a series of recalls, a substantial portion of which the FDA has classified as Class I recalls. The most recent...

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Latest Talcum Powder Trial Ends in $18.8 Million Verdict

Latest Talcum Powder Trial Ends in $18.8 Million Verdict

Nearly every month has produced more news in the frustrating tug-of-war that is Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder litigation. The legal battle over talcum powder has evolved into a protracted struggle involving Johnson & Johnson's insistence on bankruptcy...

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Judge Orders 3M Earplug Settlement Negotiations to Resume

Judge Orders 3M Earplug Settlement Negotiations to Resume

Judge M. Casey Rodgers, presiding over the 3M earplug multidistrict litigation, has ordered the parties to resume settlement talks. The decision to revive 3M earplug settlement negotiations comes as an appeals court recently heard arguments to overturn four early...

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Camp Lejeune Lawsuits in Federal Court Reach 900

Camp Lejeune Lawsuits in Federal Court Reach 900

Camp Lejeune lawsuits have flooded a federal court in North Carolina as more claims pass the six-month administrative threshold. More than 900 Camp Lejeune water contamination claims have been filed in court since the passing of the Honoring our PACT Act in August...

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“I just wanted to take a moment to express how pleased our firm is with the services of Leaders in Mass Torts! Mass tort acquisition and marketing are things we have struggled with in the past, but they streamlined the process for us. Leaders in Mass Torts were not only professional and effective, but they really went above and beyond to assist our small practice in expanding our operations. We would absolutely enlist their help again!”

Shara Turner

“The quality mass tort cases provided are truly unmatched. Our personal injury firm has poured a lot of time and money into breaking into mass torts with lackluster results. However, Leaders in Mass Torts has consistently delivered viable and profitable cases to our firm. We wouldn’t change a thing because our time with Leaders in Mass Torts has helped us grow tremendously.”

Davis Allen

“We are so impressed with the mass tort cases at Leaders in Mass Torts. We sat down with them to flesh out our firm’s objectives, and they did not disappoint. Quantity is important, of course, but the quality of the mass tort cases based on our specific criteria was top-notch. These cases arrived at our firm ready to go, with no signing-up necessary on our part.”

Scott Green

“Whether your firm is looking to acquire mass tort cases or requires call center assistance, I highly recommend Leaders in Mass Torts. Our firm was concerned about handling call volume for one of our large campaigns, but Leaders in Mass Torts provided a fantastic call center to ensure we did not lose any potential clients. Thanks to this service, we didn’t have to waste any time in launching our campaign.”

Michael Peterson

“When working with Leaders in Mass Torts, we appreciated that they offered sole counsel or co-counsel options depending on our firm’s needs while also providing other opportunities like dead lead conversions. I don’t know if we would have been able to meet our goals or broaden our practice to this extent were it not for their guidance and supply of mass tort cases. They went out of their way to match our criteria and accommodate us to scale our practice.”

Emma Hughes