The New Face of Teen Vaping Epidemic: Disposable E-Cigs

There is a new sheriff in town dominating the teen vaping world and it’s not the JUUL. In the United States, we have seen a rise in teen nicotine addiction since the e-cigarette came to the market. Teen vaping figures have had a 14% increase just in the past 3 years. The main device being used amongst teens and young smokers is the JUUL. People are accusing JUUL of specifically marketing towards children and teens through their ads and social media platforms. There are multiple lawsuits against the JUUL due to the alleged marketing of the devices to teens and young adults. But now teen vaping has turned to a new product, disposable e-cigs

Why are Disposable E-cigs the new thing?

This teen epidemic has been receiving more pressure and concerns from parents, teachers, and health professionals. Because of this, the FDA created a new law banning flavored e-cigarettes refillable cartridges effective since the beginning of 2020. The fun flavors are what is tempting to most to kids and teens and why young vape users have risen in popularity. Popular vape brands like JUUL has since removed all their flavored “pods” or “e-juice” in order to stay within regulations. But there is a new line of products growing in popularity to avoid these regulations. Teens and young adults are now purchasing this new product on a regular basis.

This new line of flavored e-cigs is disposable vapes, which technically do not violate the new ruling from the FDA. Teen vapers are using this new loophole even more so than with JUUL. The disposable vapes come in small, sleek, small designs just like JUUL. The devices are very easy to hide and look very attractive to teens. They come in various colors and shapes that have many flavor possibilities throughout the various companies that sell them. The disposable e-cigs sometimes contain even more nicotine if not just as much as the JUUL’s. Because of this, disposable e-cigs continue to make it dangerous for young nicotine addiction.

These new vapes are available at most gas stations and convenience stores that sell tobacco products. Some are even available for purchase online. These new products are so easily accessible and just as concealable as the JUULs. Because of this, more teens are purchasing them to get their flavored vape fix. But because they are disposable, they are cheaper (in the short term) and much easier to get rid of. The sales for disposable vape have increased drastically since the 2020 FDA ban has taken place. Disposable e-cigs are rapidly becoming the new JUUL.

The Birth of Teen Vaping

How did this happen and what can you do to prevent or recognize that your child is using e-cigarettes? It is important to know the timeline and how the generation of minors began vaping. The timeline for electronic cigarettes first began in the United States in 2006. Since their arrival, health professionals and people have been skeptical about their potential health risks. E-cigs were originally marketed as a “smoking alternative”. They were supposed to be used to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and other forms of tobacco products. But a new wave of nicotine addiction was born when e-cigarettes became “vaping” and an entire new trend was born.

The new smoking trend came with sleek devices that can be customized, portable, chargeable and refillable. It had new flavors including trendy flavors like mango, fruit punch, mint, strawberry-kiwi, crème Brule, and much more. E-Cigarette companies began to use this new trend tactic to market to younger adults as something “cool” and “fashionable”. But because of this, people were adopting new nicotine addiction with these devices that never previously smoked cigarettes. Unfortunately, people that were adopting this new trend also included children and teens. This has since created a large rise in youth nicotine addiction. Parents and health professionals across the country have now made it a purpose to fight youth nicotine addiction by bringing awareness to the public.

Teen vaping has now turned to disposable e-cigs. To find out the main signs that your child is vaping, click here for more information.